The "Ipiros Metalworks Industry (MBH) S.A." is one of the subsidiaries of Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL).  
It is situated in the north-western part of Greece, near Ioannina in Ipiros Prefecture.

MBH processes copper alloys for semi-finished products of coin blanks, cartridge cases and strip in coil.

It is an evolving company, equivalent to other European manufacturers in the field of coin blanks.  Through extended investments in modern technology, research & development, MBH manufactures high quality products and aims at widening its range of products and increasing its production capacity.  

The MBH’s plant is equipped with up-to-date machinery and employs qualified personnel.   
The Quality Management System applied is in compliance with international quality standards and MBH has been granted an ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

History Outline

1979:     MBH has been established in 1979 and it has been designed to mainly produce military products, such as case cartridge cups and secondly non-military products, such as strip in coils and coin blanks.

1983:     MBH was acquired by EBO S.A.
    Since then MBH has manufactured products not only for the local market but for many other markets abroad, such as those of Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden and Thailand.

1998:     MBH launched a 4.5 million Euro investment project, which was completed at the beginning of 2001.
    The object of this project was the modernization and the optimization of the existing machinery as well as the purchase of new machinery and equipment, in order to have the capability to produce all types of Euro coin blanks as well as to increase its capacity in coin blanks. Thanks to this investment project, MBH has produced:
•    The 65% of high quality coin blanks for 1-2-5-10-20-50 Euro cents and
•    The 100% of high quality inners and outers for the bi-color 1 & 2 Euro coins of the starting quantities requested by the Bank of Greece.

Today:    MBH can produce all coinage alloys and all types of coin blanks as well as rings for bi-color coins, according to any requested specifications.
    MBH supplies high quality products with a full after sales support.
    The company is oriented towards new investments in order to further expand its production range and capacity.

Product Range

Casting and Processing of Non-Ferrous Metals for semi-finished Products:

    Coin blanks, in a wide range of colours and material combination:
•    Monochrome blanks
•    Outer rings for bicolor blanks
•    Inner blanks for bicolor blanks
•    Assembled bicolor blanks

    Discs for case cartridge cups for large, medium and small caliber ammunition
Case cartridge cups for medium and small caliber ammunition
Bullet cups for medium caliber ammunition

    Strip in coil
•    Copper and brass alloys strips

    Discs (circles) for commercial use
•    Copper and brass alloy disks